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The Gospel by Tim M.

God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, who is the creator and ruler of the universe, made humanity like Himself to magnify his amazing character.

Mankind was originally made morally pure so that we could have a relationship with this morally pure God. However, we all chose to reject God's standard of moral purity to go after our own evil desires, which angered a morally pure God and severed our relationship with Him. Since our minds are completely darkened and corrupted by evil, there is no possible way to have our relationship with God restored based on anything our evil hearts could come up with. Not a prayer, baptism, confession, ritual, or sacrifice could ever satisfy the terrible anger of God towards our evil rebellion. God hates our evil so much that he cursed us to experience pain and die and suffer eternal agony because of it.


The good news is that God still loved us so much that it pleased Him to send Jesus Christ, who is both God and man, to be tortured and crucified to experience the agony, separation, and death that you and I lawfully deserve for our rebellion. To prove that Jesus Christ is in fact God and has power to one day raise the dead, He brought himself to life after being in the grave for three days.

If you trust in what Jesus did for you, turn from your rebellion, and as a result surrender your life to Jesus's purposes even if it means being tortured and executed for doing so, He promises you an eternal life through a restored relationship with God. If you do not trust in what Jesus did, after death you will be judged and as a sentence for your rebellion you will face an eternity of separation and terrible suffering from a morally pure God. Jesus encourages you to count the cost of following Him because there is a high price of surrender to pay, but He also stresses that believing and turning from your evil rebellion is something that is very urgent because you don't know when you will die.