Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF)

Meets Sunday at 9:30am.

The purpose of our ABF’s is to provide a small group environment where people of all age groups can learn how the Bible applies to one’s life in all situations and to build relationships with others who are in similar life-situations.
Available for various age groups and life situations: (married, single, college, etc.), this small group setting allows for a lot of interaction in the study of the Bible. You are able to ask questions and learn from others in your class about how God is at work in their life.

What are ABF’s all about?
Building friendships, getting to know other people, being a part of a smaller group, while at the same time developing a better understanding of God’s Word and how it applies to problems and situations of everyday life – that’s what ABF’s are all about! Each ABF is practical, helpful, enjoyable and gives our church a real "family" flavor.

ABF Class Location Teacher Description
 iConnect  A4  Doug M.

The iConnect class is designed to meet the needs of adult’s who come from various backgrounds and life situations. As a fellowship, we desire through the teaching of God's Word, Christ-exalting relationships and opportunities to serve, to grow in Christ likeness and journey together the road God has planned for us.

 Ladies  A3  Cheryl H.

The Ladies Class is designed to meet the needs of women who are unmarried or who attend church without their husbands. Drawing from a wide age range, the Ladies Class ministers to ladies from the thirty-somethings through the seventies. Effort is made weekly to teach Bible applications that these women can use in their daily lives. Opportunity is provided to share prayer requests and pray together, as well as to develop meaningful, edifying friendships.

 Sojourner's  A6  Pastor Jonathan Krawczyk
The Sojourner's class is a mixture of married and single adults. We call ourselves "Sojourners" as a reminder that we are foreigners here on earth – in the world, but not of the world – for our citizenship is in heaven (Phil. 3:20). The class is focused on growing in Christ and developing relationships with fellow believers with an emphasis on practical biblical application. There are many opportunities within the Sojourner's class to minister, serve, and build relationships with other families through various planned activities.
 Shepard's Flock  Fellowship Hall  Pastor Kevin Kolb The Shepard's Flock is designed to meet the needs of adults of all ages and life situations. This class focuses on teaching the Word of God for knowledge and life application. The members of the class desire to give of their time and talents to bless others in the church. A spirit of good will and a hunger for God's Word mark the active learner in this class. Guest are always welcome and made to feel like friends in this large group setting.
 Young At Heart  Auditorium  Bill K. The Young At Heart Class is designed to meet the needs of today’s senior adult. The class desires to bring meaning to life through the sound and practical teaching of the Word of God and the involvement of personal contact and prayer with and for one another. The class meets in the main auditorium on Sundays and is a mixture of mature couples and singles fifty-five and above. Effort is made weekly to have biblically based teaching which applies the Bible to senior adult daily living. The class strives to become more Christ-like through regular group discussions, ministering to others by meeting needs, consistent prayer for others, and monthly planned fellowship gatherings.
 Crossroads  A5  Chris H.

As the college and young adult ministry of Grace Baptist Church, we exist to glorify God by leading people to Jesus Christ and equipping them to become more faithful disciples. As a fellowship of Christian singles, we desire through the teaching of God's Word, Christ-exalting relationships and opportunities to serve, to grow in Christ-likeness and journey together the road God has planned for us. Each Sunday we gather to worship the Lord through song and the teaching of God’s Word. During the week we meet in Care Groups for fellowship and accountability.

 Young Marrieds  A2  Luke M.

In marriage it takes more than two to run the race successfully, in fact it requires a very specific Third Partner, the Lord Jesus Christ. Inviting His presence within our homes and learning how to follow His leadership is the passion of our class. Our class is for married couples with and without children. Through this class, you will find christian friendships, tremendous Bible study teaching, prayer support and fun fellowship. So, come journey with us as we follow our Lord!